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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring crime through the environment's design. Shaping the environment where an offender intends to act can influence their decision-making, and in specifically designed environments has been shown to deter and even eliminate that behavior. CPTED makes the environment either less attractive or more resilient, eliminates or decreases crime, reduces victimization, minimizes fear of crime, builds a sense of community, and improves the quality of life and sustainability.

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Industry standards and best practices

First and only CPTED mobile app

1% of the traditional cost

eCPTED app allows you to implement the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach based on industry standards and best practices.

eCPTED is the world’s first and only mobile, cloud-based app for organizations, consultants, security professionals, and private clients to conduct CPTED assessments.

eCPTED allows every person, home, business and organization the means to conduct a CPTED assessment who usually cannot afford a traditionally expensive physical security assessment.

Exercise due diligence

Improve insurance costs

Replace a manual process with consistent methodology

eCPTED assures that organizations and individuals exercise due diligence and deploy initiatives to avoid harm to other persons or their property that are fit for purpose while demonstrating relativity to peers. 

eCPTED allows organizations and private clients to reduce insurance premiums by improving security and lowering overall risk.

eCPTED provides a consistent methodology and customer-centric experience with a world-class user-friendly interface that replaces the cumbersome manual process.

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Owners and operators of organizations, enterprises, corporations, firms, businesses, and establishments have the primary responsibility and obligation for protecting their property, including a duty of care to take reasonable care to protect the lives of people using, visiting, and working in their sites from a range of foreseeable threats.

However, most organizations, employees, and critical infrastructure do not adequately prepare for physical security risks like terrorism, violent crime, corporate espionage, and theft. The majority have not developed an effective Physical Security Assessment process crucial to an organization’s success and resilience. 


Based on industry standards and best practices, the eCPTED app allows you to implement the CPTED approach to the design of locations such as commercial, government buildings, industrial structures, residences, offices, hospitals, institutions, manufacturing, storage facilities, parking services, houses of worship, recreational areas, public spaces, and other domains.


eCPTED will automatically generate a report and provide recommendations to eliminate or decrease crime, reduce victimization, minimize fear of crime, build a sense of community, and improve the quality of life and sustainability.

eCPTED will indicate your location’s CPTED score relative to peers and will update relative to the physical security measure implemented.

eCPTED assures you that your site is as safe as reasonably possible for your establishment’s staff and the public.


eCPTED’s extremely low cost makes it accessible to even small businesses and private clients who could not conduct a CPTED assessment due to prohibitive costs, which left them vulnerable to security threats. Implementing protective security measures can be a complex process that could be costly and ineffective if done incorrectly. 

eCPTED allows you to demonstrate that you or your organization exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances to protect their customers, employees and facilities from harm.

eCPTED allows multinational companies and those with multiple facilities to conduct assessments consistently and efficiently to ensure system-wide compliance with security procedures.

eCPTED provides a consistent and proportionate methodology that solves the common problem of physical security reviews being performed often in inconsistent, cumbersome and inefficient manners.

eCPTED supports good governance practices and transparency and is required to avoid reputational risk. The reputation of owners and operators of enterprises, corporations, firms, businesses and establishments is prone to severe and permanent damage if a less than robust, responsible, and professional priority is given to protecting people, operations, assets and infrastructure. Being security-minded and better prepared could not only deter a threat, but it can also reassure customers and employees. 

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